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There's Always A Right Time
We've been together almost 4 years and there's not much he does that I don't already have an idea of what's going on. This...this he surprised me with. It was the day before New Years Eve and we...
by Sboswell3
The Surprise I Knew Was Coming!
I knew from the moment I laid eyes on my fiancĂ© that he was the one for me!  I was never the person who believed in love at first sight or anything like that until I met my fiancĂ©, and...
by stephdillehay
Waterfall Engagement
It was a Saturday morning, the weekend before my Birthday week. I woke up to a huge bouquet of flowers with a card and my favorite Starbucks pumpkin coffee on the nightstand. The card...
by ErinNewcomb
Lanterns of Love
I was absolutely shocked and awed when I got this sweet surprise at the end of our vacation. We are living in Wilmington, NC and had a trip up to my home in New Hampshire for my best friends wedding....
by kayla.howe
Muddy knee!
so after a lovely Christmas meal me and my boyfriend went for a short walk through the most boggy field! Which was hilarious, he turned round and said his trousers were falling down, thinking nothing...
by Jodiemartina
Winter Winery Marriage Proposal
Napa Valley Marriage Proposals never fail to be stunning! David and Catie traveled out to wine country the day after Thanksgiving this year for what she thought would be just a fun trip. But, at...
by The Yes Girls