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The hunt is over!
Me and my fiance took a hunting trip together to Kentucky and little did I know it was one I will never forget. We did our usual riding around the farm and checking the tree stands. Then at one in...
by stephanie.kersey.982
Spark that set fire
My name is Sam and my fiancé's name is Tyler. We met on November 26th of 2013. We had never met before and we were at a church/mission handing out thanksgiving dinners. I never believed in love at...
by sami.layne.1
Santa asked and I said YES!!!
Sergio and I had plans to go see the Christmas tree on Friday December the 13th, until he texts me to tell me that we wouldn't be able to go because he has to do a training at work. I was so...
by mtorres27
A Hike Worth Trekking
Hike to Our Engagement   It was a Saturday. We just had our dating anniversary on Thursday, Octover 30th. We’d celebrated the weekend before since our school schedule didn’t allow us to...
by Becca
Making my "happy place" happier!
On November 7th, 2014 I headed out to work for the local parks dept, like any other day. My boss gave my partner and I instructions to head to the beach to pick up something that had washed ashore....
by Jackiehelen
Faithfully, fearlessly and forever; the Painter-Sterling Engagement
I was 16 about to be 17 and he was 17, it was 2009 and we were both headed to a football game unknowing of the fact that we were going to be meeting our soulmate. I was meeting my best friend and her...
by samster22