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An "aweSUEme" proposal in Napa Valley
Romance. Wine. Vineyards. Cheese. Outdoors. Flowers. Views. All the makings for an incredibly romantic proposal in Napa Valley but some of the best parts of this proposal were all in the details!...
by The Yes Girls
Love in Bloom
So how does your garden grow?   When it came time for Ryan to pop the question a stunning, personalized garden was the way to go. In a proposal he planned with The Yes Girls, Ryan’s love...
by The Yes Girls
I'm just glad it wasn't a Sunday!
"Wanna go out to chick-fli-a dear?" He asked me. I have been with Taylor Benson since my freshman year of High School He was a rocker and played sax for the band and I was a punk who played viola...
by taylorsgirl94
Maui Fairytale
Our first day on our 10 day vacation to Maui, Hawaii my boyfriend took me to the road to Hana. After a beautiful drive we found a waterfall that he had been talking about and parked to hike down to...
by Gabrielle
The perfect gondola proposal
In Banff a couple weeks ago, on our way up the gondola on Sulphur mountain...I'm afraid of heights and was having a hard time so he says to me "well to take your mind off things" and then pulls a box...
by beepatton
Romance in the Home Depot Lumber Aisle
One day while I was driving home from work and rocking out to some Whitney Houston on a Spotifyradio playlist, I heard the song, "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who for the first time. I was...
by Spencer Stout