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Daydreaming of Diamonds
Jason was living in Dallas and I in Houston.  I was up for the weekend visiting.  Picture early morning on a lazy Saturday we were still in bed chatting.   We were talking about...
by Heather
I knew fairly early in our relationship that I could spend the rest of my life with Marie.  I gave her a Claddagh as a promise ring within a year.  We dated for a while and before I could...
by Marie
Weekend at the Lake House
At the end of May, Brett & I spent a quiet weekend at my lake house in the country. After a relaxing day of swimming & soaking up the sun, Brett built me a fire near the twin oak tree on...
by Michelle
More than just Military Leave
The weekend of September 21, 2012 was the Texas A&M vs. South Carolina State football game. Samantha thought myself and a friend were coming down for the weekend to see the game because I had...
by samanthastroder
Military engagement- Happy 4th of July!
Eric and I had mutual friends for many years. There were times when we were in the same place at the exact same time, but never met. We were tailgating with the same group at a TCU football game, but...
by kristen.hohmann
High in the Sky
It was an ordinary Sunday in Vero Beach. My family and I went to church and we sat in the backyard to have lunch. I grew up 50 yards away from the ocean so I’ve always been a beach girl. My...
by bbolinger