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The Perfect Pairing
This lovely couple went wine tasting for their first date and have loved to do so ever since! So for this marriage proposal, The Yes Girls created a personalized tasting. Each wine was paired...
by The Yes Girls
Sunset proposal in Hawaii
My whole family was in on it, they wanted us to take a "family" photo while the sun was setting, little did I know my boyfriend was about to propose to me while holding our son! Getting ready to take...
by RicciNina
From Washington D.C. To Philadelphia
Attached is a video created by my fiancé giving me the best engagement any girl could ever imagine! He made me feel like the most special girl on Earth! I have never been treated and loved this way!...
by candice.cardone
Never too young to know True Love
In August 2008 I was a 17 year old girl that fell in love with a 19 year old boy at first glance. I started my senior year single and by October I had a boyfriend, he was tall and gorgeous, he was in...
by jesschristman
Chrisses Beach Sunrise Proposal <3
We are on vacation in Florida in an Oceanside home. Chris got me up just before sunrise so we (Chris, his mom and myself) could go look for seashells. I was squatting down looking at shells and...
by rebecca.davis.5243
A Whole New World
Karina loves Disney and her favorite movie is Aladdin! So for vacation, Alvaro whisked her from Mexico City all the way to Orlando, Florida for a romantic Disney World trip! Alvaro knew that he...
by The Yes Girls