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A La Jolla Cove Proposal
August 24th 2014 has been the best day of my life so far. It's one of those days that you do not want to end- the kind that seems too dreamy to be real life.   When Drew got down on one knee I...
by Lifeisacanvas
Best Game Ever!
My fiancee and I currently live in Minneapolis, MN but are both originally from Massachusetts. One if his co-workers happens to be a season ticket holder for the Minnesota Vikings so a few weeks ago...
by JDoop
A Cold Winter Walk that Warmed My Heart
My boyfriend had just surprised me with a golden doodle puppy a week before the first big snow in Boston last year.  He insisted we walk her together in the snow on a terribly cold Sunday...
by MSwoboda
Making Memories of Us
Bre is a BIG FAN of country music and pretty much lives at the beach. What better way for Nick to propose than with the perfect combo of the two… a country concert on the beach just for her! NFL...
by The Yes Girls
Groomsman Picks Up Photographer
How We Met: Photography is a hobby of mine and we met through mutual friends who were engaged and had chosen me as their wedding photographer.  Ryan was a groomsman and I had actually...
by laurenponsdesigns
The Firefighter
It was a Wednesday morning in April and my now fiance who is a firefighter told me he needed to drop off his work dress uniform at the firehall. We woke up early that day to run errands as I work...
by katiezim