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I knew from the first date.
Our story. We LOVE the month of June.  His proposal video is a must watch.  June 2013~ I met Jordan for the first time on June 17th, 2013. We were both working at an AR youth camp in Hot...
by natalie.n.white.9
New York Proposes to New Jersey <3
My  FIANCE  and I met in his city of Staten Island, New York :) It was on February 4, 2012 at a club called Z TWO. My friend had dragged me out after a LONG shift at work for a night out!...
by megan.rullo
My Perfect Proposal
It feels so weird referring to him as my fiancé. For the past 7 years on top of being the center of my universe, my protector, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my best friend, he's always been...
by amy_nguy3n
Timing is everything....
Match.com is where it all started, and thank goodness for that. Single and moving to a new city, I was finally living for me and enjoying all that was in store for my new life. Learning the ins and...
by Mleighg
A Perfect Recreation
My boyfriend and I met at a bar. We had mutual friends going to play trivia and do karaoke later than night and we just hit it off. He asks for my number when I had to go at the end of the night and...
by georgiadarling
Pumpkin Pie
Leading up to our engagement, Vince had been doing a really good job of making me believe that he didn't even have a ring! "Joce, they're so expensive."; "I have no idea what to pick!"; "I don't know...
by Jocelyn K Crandell