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Paris Proposal!
It was Thanksgiving, and I was working in Colorado, while my boyfriend was still back in California. At four in the morning there was a knock on my hotel door. He had traveled all the way to surprise...
by jessica.mack1
The perfect date!!
It all started as any other day that my boyfriend would make that 6 hour road trip to spend 2 nights with me. The date was 8/7/14. With me being 17, and him being over 18, my parents didn't want us...
by michaelee.peters
The Perfect Timing
I have been with my fiance for 10 years, we have 2 kids together, and my step daughter. We met in summer school my freshman year of high school. We have been through a lot but i wouldnt change...
by mercedes.v.rocha
My Fairy Tale Becomes My Reality
On Saturday the 12.07.14 the love of my life, organised and prepared the perfect day for the perfect occasion. Beginning with a champagne breakfast with my amazing family where I was given a letter...
by Kimmi
A Waterfront Proposal
Corbin & I met while attending an art college. At first, I couldn't stand the guy. He was slightly arrogant, very confident, pretty talented, and worst of all, he knew it and found it funny....
by kplatt
Birthday turned into BEST day!!
It all happened on May the 18th on my birthday. I knew he had a fun day planned but never in my wildest dreams did I know I'll be coming home with a ring on my finger. He took me to Kemah boardwalk...
by IlzBrits