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A Winery Engagement
When my now fiancée and I would talk about getting married in the past, it always seemed like it would happen way in our futures.. I have always been a lover of a good glass of wine so on August...
by Kmccaughin
Our Sunset Engagement
Tyler & I met in 2011 when we were both invited to a group trip to Las Vegas! Ever since then, we have been inseparable. Our love has grown deep & we have both known for a long time that we...
by gigi.brindisi
Painting a Perfect Picture
Damien and I met in a painting class last summer that wasn't required for either of our degrees. He said he knew from day one that he wanted to get himself right for me. Something about him had...
by GrenadillaGoddess
Eiffel Tower
Mike and I had been dating for 3 years when he completely surprised me by proposing to me. He took me up to the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas with several of our friends and Mike and I talked about all...
by erin.tevis.1
Birthday Surprise
Long story short, Tom proposed on my birthday last year and it was the last thing I ever expected. He always promised it would be completely unexpected and that he would never propose on a holiday or...
by hchatt
My Beach Fairytale
Christian & I got engaged May 21, 2014. We were on the family vacation with his parents in Saint Augustine, FL. This day was absolutely beautiful. Could not have been any better. We went to...
by Neen&Christian;