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Our Story

My boyfriend and I been together for a little over a year when we were on our way to a friend’s wedding and on the six-hour car ride we started talking about their proposal and about how much everyone loved hearing those stories. Telling them was always fun and exciting, but there simply wasn’t any way to share them with everyone. Then it hit us – we should provide a way for people to easily share those stories with their friends, family and an online community.

The brainstorming process took us to all kinds of places during that car ride and I’m pretty sure it included me singing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) more than once, but we’re proud of what our once simple idea has turned into.

We want Diamond Diaries to be a place for brides-to-be, hopeless romantics, and anyone who just loves LOVE. So take a look around, tell your story, and share your fairytale with the world.

Fortunately, while going through this process, I was lucky enough to get my very own engagement story to share with you. I hope I’m able capture half of the joy and amazement that it’s brought me:

Dear Diary,

My boyfriend Cameron told me we were having dinner with his aunt tonight. I had never met her before so I was kind of nervous, particularly after he told me that she would want to take a lot of photos. She changed the time on us and Cameron said we had to leave at 4 p.m. to make it on time. (Of course by this time I should have picked up that maybe this is a fictional aunt and that maybe we were going somewhere else, but I went blindly on.)

We started driving to the restaurant and just as we were about to pull in Cameron got a mysterious text from his aunt. He tells me that she’s running late and that he has a “crazy idea” to kill some time.

“So we don’t know when we’ll be in Dallas again, why don’t we go to the mini-golf course where we had our first date?” he asked. (Isn’t he adorable?) Conveniently, the golf course was only minutes away from where we were when we got the “text.”

I, of course, agree and we head off onto the mini-golf course. I am absolutely terrible at mini golf and Cameron is schooling me. That is, until we get to the fifth hole. Cameron goes first and struggles, taking at least five tries to make the hole. I get it in two.

When I triumphantly headed over to pick up my ball (and rub my small victory in Cameron’s face), he looked me, smiled and said, “You’ve beaten me on this hole twice now, today and on our first date a year and a half ago. Do you want your prize?”

He got down on one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous ring, but I couldn’t even see it through the tears of joy filling my eyes. Yes. Yes. Yes, I told him with the world’s biggest smile on my face.

But Cameron wasn’t through with the surprises.

He was taking me to Texas Land & Cattle (a re-creation of the second half of our first date) and told me to wait to call my friends and family until after dinner.

When we walked into the restaurant, the staff quickly ushered us into the party room. As I opened the door I saw my parents, my three best friends from high school and some of my college friends waiting for me. I cried tears of joy all over again.

The first time we talked about marriage Cameron told me he already knew how he was going to propose, but I never imagined anything as perfect as this.

It was everything I could have ever wanted and more – the perfect beginning to our happily ever after.

Ashley Withers

I simply cannot wait to read all of your happy stories!