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Proposal at The Historic Pitt Street Bridge, Charleston SC
My fiance's mother was born and raised in Ireland and her father was born and raised in India. Their three daughters are absolutely gorgeous. Eibhlin (Gaelic for Eileen) is Meghan's mother. I called...
by ryley.mcgillis
Our Meant to Be Lucky Love
My name is Christianna and my fiance's name is Carlos (aka C.J.). Cj and I have known each other for 8 years. We met in 6th grade and we became best friends almost instantly. He left my school after...
by christiannaMarie
And at last I see the Light
Before i can tell you about the night of may 31st 2014, i have to tell you a bit of our history. You see, my love and i have known each other since 6th grade, but did an awful lot of picking on each...
by britanyandrews11
The Geocache of My Life
My fiance (gosh I love that word), and I and his entire family geocache. Anywhere we go, someone looks up a geocache thats near it and we have to go do it. This paticular Sunday we were heading out...
by kwetmore
An Unexpected Rose
It's was a Sex & The City Moment!  Sarah thought she was shopping for a birthday gift for her boyfriend's mother, as he sneakily walked her to the back of Barney's New York...where they...
by SKeane
Paris Proposal!
It was Thanksgiving, and I was working in Colorado, while my boyfriend was still back in California. At four in the morning there was a knock on my hotel door. He had traveled all the way to surprise...
by jessica.mack1