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From Basketball to Bride
I guess it all goes back to the days that I used to wistfully watch Brian Rodriguez play basketball through the blinds of my best friend Hillary's house. Brian was so cute and athletic at the young...
by Lindsay
Brothers Lend a Helping Hand
Zach and I had been dating for about a year and a half before he graduated from Texas A&M in May of 2012. The day he graduated was hot, stressful, and boring...you know how those ceremonies are....
by Melissa
A Twinkle and a Whistle
We met six years ago when Caleb's Dad introduced us in a Taco Cabana. We were working together to plan a youth event for our church but each already had significant others back at college....
by Pamela
Prepared with a "Yes!"
Joe and Rebekah met in their college town of St. Augustine, Florida while Rebekah was still in school and Joe was recently graduated. In summer of 2009 while Rebekah was interning in Washington, D.C....
by Rebekah
A "Monumental" Proposal
Dan and I had been talking marriage for several months and had even looked at engagement rings well before the proposal was official. He wanted to make it a surprise as best he could so he started...
by Amy
Daydreaming of Diamonds
Jason was living in Dallas and I in Houston.  I was up for the weekend visiting.  Picture early morning on a lazy Saturday we were still in bed chatting.   We were talking about...
by Heather