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Operation Big Deal
Last spring Emily was working in Europe when Eric suggested they explore Venice, Italy for his upcoming visit. Emily was so distracted with work and moving to a different country every few days that...
by Emily
One Year Early
Wesley and Nicole began dating towards the end of high school. After a few years of a slightly long-distance relationship in college the realized they were meant to be together and wanted to get...
by Nicole
A Suprise Weekend Getaway
Phillip and I met my freshman year at Sam Houston State University. We both were in the same group of friends but rarely ever talked. As he puts it, he thought I was "weird" and I thought he was a...
by jennifer.jernberg
Sleigh Rides and Surprises
Last January I went on a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with Clint's family. Harmless right? Little did I know that as soon as his family told us about the trip a couple months before Clint had...
by Chelsea
Roses and a Song
It was the evening my 19th birthday.  I was getting ready for a late movie date with my boyfriend inside my tiny dorm room at Southern Methodist University. Jason and I had been dating for over...
by Bridget
Dallas Hall Legacy
First, it is important to know that my grandparents kissed for the first time on the steps of Dallas Hall at Southern Methodist University and my parents were engaged on the steps of Dallas...
by Katie