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More than just Military Leave
The weekend of September 21, 2012 was the Texas A&M vs. South Carolina State football game. Samantha thought myself and a friend were coming down for the weekend to see the game because I had...
by samanthastroder
Weekend at the Lake House
At the end of May, Brett & I spent a quiet weekend at my lake house in the country. After a relaxing day of swimming & soaking up the sun, Brett built me a fire near the twin oak tree on...
by Michelle
I knew fairly early in our relationship that I could spend the rest of my life with Marie.  I gave her a Claddagh as a promise ring within a year.  We dated for a while and before I could...
by Marie
Daydreaming of Diamonds
Jason was living in Dallas and I in Houston.  I was up for the weekend visiting.  Picture early morning on a lazy Saturday we were still in bed chatting.   We were talking about...
by Heather
A "Monumental" Proposal
Dan and I had been talking marriage for several months and had even looked at engagement rings well before the proposal was official. He wanted to make it a surprise as best he could so he started...
by Amy
A Twinkle and a Whistle
We met six years ago when Caleb's Dad introduced us in a Taco Cabana. We were working together to plan a youth event for our church but each already had significant others back at college....
by Pamela