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In love with my best friend
Scotty & I grew up as childhood friends. He was always the class clown, and I was always shy. He was always either making me laugh or getting on my nerves haha. In the 6th grade, Scotty moved to...
by MeganRay
An engagement to remember, with a little help from our friends
I thought Robby, my betrothed, would pop the question soon after he showed me a brochure of engagement rings and asked me which kinds I preferred, albeit it was only after I made a comment about how...
by nikki.grey.12
Love and Linguine in Little Italy
Kevin had made plans for us to head down to Little Italy to have dinner at Mia Bella, one of our favorite restaurants and the location of our first dinner date. Little Italy has always had special...
by Sarah Johnson
A surprise gift
Before I had to go to work, my fiancé asked me to come to his apartment to see his new toy which was his new tv. On arriving I went and sat on the couch and looked at the tv, meanwhile my fiancé...
by christina.peterson.967
Romance in the Home Depot Lumber Aisle
One day while I was driving home from work and rocking out to some Whitney Houston on a Spotifyradio playlist, I heard the song, "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who for the first time. I was...
by Spencer Stout
The perfect gondola proposal
In Banff a couple weeks ago, on our way up the gondola on Sulphur mountain...I'm afraid of heights and was having a hard time so he says to me "well to take your mind off things" and then pulls a box...
by beepatton