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Oldest Stories
The Missing Piece
How it all began Who knew Prometheus could be a romantic movie? Well for David and Rachel, it was the start of something amazing. Kind of sounds like the most anti-romance movie out there, but when...
by Ashley
A Temper Tantrum and a Yellow Diamond
No, you're not crazy. Yes, my diamond is bright yellow . Let's rewind to way back before this precious canary diamond entered my world. Here's a little background on the two of us. I was born...
by holly.carter.7906
The first home for an old stone
Our ring is not a diamond ring. It is a Lake County "diamond," only found in Lake County California. They are also known as Moon Tears according to a local Native American legend. My fiance's...
by Adrienne Borders
This Little Light of Mine
Ryan and I met playing recreational kickball in Orlando in January of 2013.  For both of us, our relationship started out as fascination and friendship, that culminated in us beginning to date...
by amyecrowe