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An amazing surprise!
My boyfriend and I had been out all day so when I got home I went upstairs to change. When I came back downstairs there was a bag on the table! My boyfriend, Peter, told me to look in the bag. When I...
by RosemarieMcconville
A Picture Perfect Day
Lisa has a company that designs t-shirts, so John had a special one made (with the help Lisa’s business partner) just for her to pop the question. With The Yes Girls, John planned the perfect...
by The Yes Girls
Not your average Cracker Jack
It was just your average weeknight. We went out for a very casual dinner after work and Adam asked me if I would like some Cracker Jacks. He knows I love them because I am a huge Atlanta Braves...
by rhonda.cooke
My fairytale Seaside proposal!
It all started three years ago - when I fell in love with my best friend..luckily he felt the same and the rest was history. It was on a vacation to one of my family's favorite locations, Seaside...
by megan.west.758
Christmas surprise!
I told my boyfriend last year that for Christmas I either wanted an iPad or an engagement ring. So on December 22, 2012, we exchanged presents. I then opened mine and saw an iPad 2 box...I was so...
by lauren.yurt
8 years, 9 months, 10 days in the making...
After 8 years, 9 months, and 10 days, John decided to make that giant leap: engagement. The morning of August 31st, 2013, John and Erica hopped into the car and headed down to New Orleans. Once they...
by erica.michelet