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It was a surprise for both of us!
So I have been planning to do this for quite sometime but have been putting off the first step which was to ask her parents for permission. Finally the perfect moment came about, Tash was out with a...
by JK&NTGettingMarried;
UK to American Dream
Myself and Andrew had flown over from Belfast and were been staying at Niagara for 3 days and went out for a walk in the Niagara Falls State Park to explore. While on Goat Island (a small island...
by Clare99
Bane and Batgirl
I absolutely love Halloween, so my fiancee and I threw a small costume party with some of our close friends. Everyone was dressed super cute so we were taking pictures of all the costumes and started...
by melanie.walls
Imperfect perfection
I guess I should preface this with we both were hesitant at the beginning of our relationship about the idea of marriage. He had been burned before and I had always believed that I don't need it. ...
by JocelynEMBrown
Sparks Fly <3
My now fiancé and I have known each other for many years. Once we started dating we both knew very quickly we wanted to get married. Due to both our jobs we had to date long distance for over a...
by abbey.davidson
The first night we met
My names Hanah, and my fiancé is Gunnar. We met at a party but had previously messaged on facebook earlier that day, after Gunnar had a mutual friend text me about the party. Once we got there, he...
by HanahLee123