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Roses and a Song
It was the evening my 19th birthday.  I was getting ready for a late movie date with my boyfriend inside my tiny dorm room at Southern Methodist University. Jason and I had been dating for over...
by Bridget
Prepared with a "Yes!"
Joe and Rebekah met in their college town of St. Augustine, Florida while Rebekah was still in school and Joe was recently graduated. In summer of 2009 while Rebekah was interning in Washington, D.C....
by Rebekah
HOLIDAY CONTEST WINNER - Hunting for Sea Turtles
Every Thanksgiving, Micah goes on a week-long hunting trip in north Louisiana. My parents live in south Florida, so I planned to go there for the holiday. As Micah packed the car with his hunting...
by Megan
Recreating "10 Things I Hate about You"
I first started thinking about how I would propose to Jessica during this past summer. I came up with a couple of ideas that I thought were really neat, but I kept coming back to one that I thought...
by Jessica
High in the Sky
It was an ordinary Sunday in Vero Beach. My family and I went to church and we sat in the backyard to have lunch. I grew up 50 yards away from the ocean so I’ve always been a beach girl. My...
by bbolinger
Military engagement- Happy 4th of July!
Eric and I had mutual friends for many years. There were times when we were in the same place at the exact same time, but never met. We were tailgating with the same group at a TCU football game, but...
by kristen.hohmann