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Sonia & Tim
Sonia and I met July 4th 2009 through a mutual friend, I was working the law enforcement desk at Travis Air Force Base California when she walked into my life. I had spent most of my shift writing...
by Dorsett911
Winter Wonderland
It was snowing all day. The most beautiful snow you had ever seen, too. So, he picked me up and said we were going on a walk in the snow. We went to the park where the snow was about 6 inches deep...
by rachel.crockett1
Lake House Love Story
I thought June 7, 2013 was going to be a casual afternoon of test driving cars with my parents in the Austin area near our lake house in Marble Falls, TX, but little did I know it would be one...
by loriann.e.frazier
8 Years in the making...
Matthew and I have known each other since we were 14 (me) and 18 (him).  We are now 22 and 26.  We met through a mutual friend online and instantly became great friends.  We fell in...
by Colorphyle
Halloween Engagement
Our engagement story begins on a day that is normally filled with ghosts & goblins. However for us, Halloween spared a bit of magic which led to the most amazing moment ever to take place in our...
by queencity_calamity
He Proposed on a Ski Slope!
Me and my fiance's favorite thing to do is ski, so we decided to take a trip to Park City, Utah for some of the best skiing in North America. It was our third day of skiing, and the weather was...
by kfoose