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The Perfect Parisian Proposal
While we were on our once in a life time holiday in Europe my partner took me to the Eiffel tower telling me there was a special event every boxing day at 7pm. However when 7pm came around a vintage...
by danni.weaver
The Beginning to my Happily Ever After
Dear Diary,  Once upon a time . . . I met the most incredible, sweet, Godly man in my English class at school. We were both a bit shy at first when interacting with each other, but soon began...
by rhyan.bates
My Beach Fairytale
Christian & I got engaged May 21, 2014. We were on the family vacation with his parents in Saint Augustine, FL. This day was absolutely beautiful. Could not have been any better. We went to...
by Neen&Christian;
All that Chasing Paid Off
So we met on Tinder, of all places, in February. Our first date was in March. I wasn't interested, but he continued to text me every single day, and ask me out every single week until June 1st, when...
by taytoe4
Private Beach Proposal in Bermuda
Darrin and I worked in the same building – I worked in a storefront studio, and he had an office within the interior of the building.  I started working there in 2010 and never crossed paths...
by futuremrsraponi
A La Jolla Cove Proposal
August 24th 2014 has been the best day of my life so far. It's one of those days that you do not want to end- the kind that seems too dreamy to be real life.   When Drew got down on one knee I...
by Lifeisacanvas