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A Central Park Love Story
Angel had his friends visiting from Kentucky in for the weekend. We decided to take them to New York City for the day. I have always loved Central Park and had some points of interests...
by elenariveraxo
"Santa, do you mind?"
Erik and I met freshman year of college. We stayed friends all through college and after college. We always did our own thing and lived our own lives but on April 1st, 2014 we decided to give...
by christinacardamone
Making my "happy place" happier!
On November 7th, 2014 I headed out to work for the local parks dept, like any other day. My boss gave my partner and I instructions to head to the beach to pick up something that had washed ashore....
by Jackiehelen
New York Proposes to New Jersey <3
My  FIANCE  and I met in his city of Staten Island, New York :) It was on February 4, 2012 at a club called Z TWO. My friend had dragged me out after a LONG shift at work for a night out!...
by megan.rullo
Pumpkin Pie
Leading up to our engagement, Vince had been doing a really good job of making me believe that he didn't even have a ring! "Joce, they're so expensive."; "I have no idea what to pick!"; "I don't know...
by Jocelyn K Crandell
18 Cards and My Dream Come True!
Since I’m a photographer, I know the importance of having your proposal captured so you’ll have those memories to not just think about, but to look at for a lifetime! I’ve told him how...
by tiffany.weaver1