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Highline Engagement
Our love story started years before we even met in person. My fiance Mike and I had known of each other since 2010, interacting on Twitter for years about common interests - marketing, post grad...
by KimberlyAnneLucio
A Small Town Proposal
In August of 2013, I started the newly introduced Bachelor program at the new state college not far from home. Little did I know that it would change my life completely. Lucky for me, my now fiancé,...
by Lauren B
Paris Proposal!
It was Thanksgiving, and I was working in Colorado, while my boyfriend was still back in California. At four in the morning there was a knock on my hotel door. He had traveled all the way to surprise...
by jessica.mack1
The perfect date!!
It all started as any other day that my boyfriend would make that 6 hour road trip to spend 2 nights with me. The date was 8/7/14. With me being 17, and him being over 18, my parents didn't want us...
by michaelee.peters
The Snooper
My husband and I were introduced to each other through a mutual friend in May 2011. This friend had thought that we might make a good couple, and had told each of us about the other for months before...
by aecmathew
Engagement Photo Story
So I started the day off by making a PowerPoint of an idea I had... Ha, I make PowerPoints often when I'm surprising her or doing something sweet, it's our thing haha The idea was to take a bunch...
by mlisaacs