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'He was the boy that asked me to our 3rd grade dance'
The best day of my life started like a normal but exciting day. It was Shane's graduation and me and my mom had went to get our make up and hair done but little did I know my mom and shane were...
by Cynthialivecy
Water you doing? Proposing?
Alex and I met in our freshman college orientation class almost 4 years ago. After our first date we knew right away we wanted it to be official! Through all the ups and downs he’s always loved and...
by Oregongirl11
Muddy knee!
so after a lovely Christmas meal me and my boyfriend went for a short walk through the most boggy field! Which was hilarious, he turned round and said his trousers were falling down, thinking nothing...
by Jodiemartina
The Perfect Proposal
My fiancé and I met at work, we instantly had chemistry that felt like magic! Shortly after we became inseparable to the point that when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, I laughed.. I...
by kayxscott