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Dallas Bucket List Proposal
Raman and Jas have been doing a long distance relationship ever since they met, so Raman knew that when he came into town for Valentine’s Day he knew he had to make it extra special!  One of...
by The Yes Girls
Ring in the Risotto
My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 2 years.  We went to junior high/high school together, lost touch, and then reconnected through Facebook years later. Our first date was...
by debbie.barr.184
Not quite love at first sight
When my fiancé and I met... We would never know it would end up in a wedding. Our mutual friend tried to set us up but I thought he was just a goof ball and he thought I loved myself a bit too...
by Ac1234
A day of all days
November 11, 2013. A great day for many different reasons. My man is in the United States Marine Corps. Needless to say, our love has been put to the test more than once.  He returned home in...
by Leanna
Handmade Polaroid Book Proposal
On February 1, 2014 my fiancé asked me to marry him. The morning of the proposal he brought me to breakfast at a cozy "snuggery" called Duck and Bunny in Providence, RI. The food was delicious....
by JamieBreen
A Birthday and an Engagement
I met Chris two years ago on a cruise when I was 18. He had just turned 21. We immediately hit it off and decided to keep in contact after the cruise was over despite us living 3 states apart (he...
by carly.shimfessel